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"Welcome to the club". I've thought about how I'm going to respond when the enevitable line is dropped by those who don't know. A congratulatory welcome, as if it was some easy feat or something that took absolutely no work at all. Well let me tell you, I paid the membership price three times over! I worked really fucking hard for this, beyond anything you (hopefully) never have to comprehend. This "club" came with extreme heartache, worry and fear. Let me tell you a little bit about my current membership. My club is one I didn't sign up for. One that comes with a life long membership and no refunds. However, it reminds me that where I am today is fueled by love, excitement and gratitude. This is what keeps me going. Keeps us going. So, what will I say to those faux friends welcoming me to the club? Not a fucking clue! #miscarriage #earlypregnancy #fiveweeks