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9weeks6days Yesterday I had a 45min phonecall with the midwives and started the booking in process. I live in NSW but will be delivering in the ACT as I am considered a high risk pregnancy and will be under the care of the Fetal Medicine Unit (FMU). The midwife discussed my risk for preeclampsia and wanted me to discuss with my local OB starting 150mg aspirin right away. Lucky for me I had an appointment with my OB yesterday to organise a private 12week scan & get more bloods that the midwife requested. I am glad I got to speak to my OB and she currently thinks I’m low risk for preeclampsia (the midwife said my 2 moderate risk factors where this being my first pregnancy & my bmi) and told me to not start taking aspirin until I see FMU at 14weeks. I am having first trimester bloods when I have my scan which will also assess my risk for preeclampsia. Whilst I was at my appointment I mention my anxiety about not knowing the babies current size & heart rate (my FS didn’t measure these when I had my scan at 7w3d) especially having two people I know have miscarriages at 11 & 12 weeks last week. To elevate some of my anxiety she did a quick scan & bug was snug & safely in place. A bit hard to measure thanks to my retroverted uterus and bug being in a curved position but she said they are measuring on track for 9w5d and had a heart rate 169bpm. Such a relief even though I know there are no guarantees during pregnancy. I have more bloods & a scan with my FS next week and then will hopefully graduate from my clinic. I will also be getting my Harmony blood test (NIPT) next week and will be finding out the gender. My sister asked if she could do a gender reveal for me which I thought was such a beautiful idea. It’s nice to know my family is just as excited for this baby as I am since I don’t have a partner to share these milestones with. Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend 💕 I’m getting stuck into @themidwifemumma Pregnancy Guide and loving it. It’s such a practical, no nonsense guide to pregnancy and the models of care in Australia.