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The pee stick that changed my life... 🥺🥰 Imagine being told as a child that you are highly unlikely to be able to conceive, due to PCOS, and believing that to be true. Along came November 2019, after having felt not quite right for a weeks and being late, you start to wonder if you are imagining things? Having spent just a few short months getting to know a guy and becoming close as friends. I took this test- genuinely not knowing what to expect, or what might show up. Just a few agonising minutes later, these two lines appeared... Now- in May 2020, with regular kicks and twists in the stomach daily. It still doesn’t feel like this happened or is actually real. On a completely honest note... this little bean wasn’t planned. Ultimately she is my miracle baby. Especially not knowing that this was ever possible. And one day, she will know this. 🤰🏼💜👣