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I got my first positive pregnancy test on the 10th of November 2018. A few days later on the 12th I had taken two more tests. Now for those of you who haven't taken a test before, there's a control line and a test line. Even if the test line is very faint, it's positive. We started trying for a baby August 2018 and we were over the moon to receive this test so soon! I remember running upstairs and plopping onto our bed, grinning and thrusting the test into Quinn's hand to make sure I wasn't seeing things. He of course said I was being silly but the line was indeed there! The excitement was overwhelming, I quickly worked out my due date would be the 20th of July and I started dreaming about what pregnancy would be like. Sadly each test I took was lighter and lighter and on the 13th November I started to bleed. Now I struggle to talk about this because I feel it pales in comparison to loosing your baby further on in pregnancy. I feel that I shouldn't be sad because I wasn't "really pregnant". When I saw the tests getting lighter I knew in my heart that something wasn't right but I didn't want to believe it. To say I was gutted would be an understatement. One minute I was pregnant and then the next I wasn't. I now know this was called a chemical pregnancy. This is where usually there is an abnormality in the fertilised egg and therefore your body takes over and flushes it out as the pregnancy wouldn't be viable. However, it is also likely that the egg didn't implant properly and therefore was flushed out too. I still don't know how I feel about this having happened because if I didn't take an early test, I wouldn't have known. But I did know and it did affect me. I wanted to share this part of my story because it's where this journey began. And it's perfectly okay to be devastated. It's also perfectly okay to not be affected by such an early loss. I've come to terms with the fact I'm still unsure of how I felt/feel. I did cry, a lot. But I also managed to move past it, by researching what happened to my body and why the pregnancy didn't continue. Anyway, This is where our story began and hopefully you'll stick around to find out what happened next 🥰