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*UPDATE* . Debated about posting this but this account is for me as much as for anyone else so I wanted to record what’s happened. I’m sorry if it upsets anyone, I know we’re all struggling at every stage in the baby-making process. . Last Sunday I got my first ever BFP after 2.5 years of trying and failed IVF. Yay, we have conceived for the first time ever!.... But unfortunately since then I’ve been bleeding, this morning having quite a big bleed. There’s nothing the hospital or GP can do for me, it’s just a case of waiting to let nature take its course. I did another test yesterday and got a strong positive, but for how long it lasts, I don’t know. If I make it to next Sunday and I’m still getting a strong positive, I can call the EPU again and maybe go for an early scan. I’ll be 6+ weeks then. Right now, I can’t see myself getting to that point. . This is all my greatest fears realised - that I would eventually conceive, whether via IVF or naturally, and then there would be yet another obstacle to overcome and more bad news. . I can’t concentrate on anything else and my anxiety levels are through the roof. I really don’t know how I’m going to get through this. Tea, toast and cats are my only consolations right now. Any advice welcome... 🙏🏼😿☕️🍞🍍 . #threatenedmiscarriage #ivficsi #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #ttcsisters #ivfsupport #ivfcommunity #ttcsupport #bleedinginpregnancy #earlypregnancy #earlypregnancyloss #pregnancyloss #tryingtoconceive #tryingtostaysane #tryingtogetpregnant #bfp #bigfatpositive #anxiety