7 weeks in VS 7 weeks out 💙 I remember it like yesterday going for this scan. We had a small bleed at 5 weeks and due to us having a previous miscarriage I was sure I was loosing this one. I told myself to not even be excited for the appointment and was preparing myself for the bad news. When they did the scan I couldn’t see the screen and they were reading out a load of numbers. I for sure thought this meant they were about to tell me what I was absolutely dreading. Then they turned around the screen and shown me you. A small little jelly bean smudge on the screen that from the minute I saw stole my heart. They even managed to show me your tiny tiny little heartbeat. I have never felt such relief & happiness overwhelm me before. To think your whole body was the size of a blueberry & now you are here for me to cuddle and squeeze everyday 💙 #baby #babyboy #newborn #7weeksold #ultrasound #babyultrasound #earlypregnancy #earlypregnancyscan #pregnancy