Today I am 7+3 weeks, and can safely say that this pregnancy is affecting me so much more than my first one did 😩 My current symptoms are: •Strong nausea on and off all day •Gas. So much gas •Fatigue - I end up napping when my little one does some day •Nausea worsens when hungry - go figure •Frequent bowel movements - like 3 times + daily. •Tightening in pelvis if I move too fast Thankful that I’m working from home as it’s not a big deal if I struggle to make it to the computer one day. But it sucks that the only person who can help with the little one is my husband, and he is needed in work. Just a struggle at the moment. Hoping it gets easier/better soon. #7weekspregnant #babynumber2 #earlypregnancy #1sttrimester #workingfromhome #sizeofaraspberry #nausea #morningsickness