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Behold my last packs of fertility hormone pills - eveeeer 🙏🙏🙏 . In a week from tomorrow I'll be 10+0, and that's the magic limit where my fertility clinic has decided that my baby has enough of a placenta to make it's own hormones. I'm looking forward to it like a second Christmas (there are many of those in a post-ivf pregnancy!), because it is definitely another milestone. . It really makes me wonder about the corpus luteum - that tiny progesterone-producing lump in the ovary that comes from the "shell" surrounding the egg before ovulation. Can *that* really produce as much progesterone as I've been ingesting (...both ways) in the past 7 weeks? I'm not a doctor, but it's fascinating stuff. . These last couple days I've been feeling very optimistic about the whole thing. Of course it'll be a healthy baby. Of course I'm going to carry to term. Of course I can veer off the anxious thoughts that come visiting at random times. So many other women are doing it, and so can I. So I went ahead and told my boss at work yesterday. The cat's out of the bag 😸 . #happythoughts #pregnancymilestone #ivfsucces #earlypregnancy #icsisuccess #9weekspregnant