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This cornavirus business is playing havoc with my professional conscience. Feeling incredibly emotional and nostalgic thinking of my old critical care family loads and hoping they're all staying safe. Being in a specialist nursing role means I'm likely to stay in my current position for the time being, but I'm fully expecting (and anxious) that I am likely to be redeployed if needed. . Our early pregnancy service have seen a lot of changes put in place this past week, and I know this will cause a lot of added stress and upset to a lot of pregnant ladies and their partners. It's very upsetting for all my colleagues too, as the new guidelines go against all our better judgements, and prevents us providing a lot of the compassionate care we have worked hard to put in place and going to leave a lot of women without much needed physical support and reassurance during heartbreaking times. We're having to limit access to the service for reassurance monitoring, limit scan services, and limit treatment options for miscarriage. . It's reassuring for us health professionals to know the new guidelines we have put in place are supported and recommended by the @rcobsgyn (and very pleasing for me personally that they've worked alongside @tommys too). But we're certainly in for very challenging times ahead. This is not the care I set out to provide to women in early pregnancy, but hopefully it won't be forever. . Stay safe ladies, stay home. But know your early pregnancy units and maternity services are still available over the phone for advice and support, and will still see you if necessary. . . . #covid #covid-19 #coronavirus #pandemic #earlypregnancy #earlypregnancyservices #antenatal #miscarriage #specialistnurse #stayhome #alwaysask #callthemidwife