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In the brief bliss of my sixth pregnancy I was so looking forward to seeing these two with their new sibling. There are many choices I made with the fuzzy goggles of post partum anxiety that I very much regret; I wish I'd let Izzy hold Ollie more, I wish I could have relaxed more, I wish I'd asked for help, but at the time I didn't realise I so desperately needed it. I should be 15 weeks pregnant now, almost 16 weeks. I should be feeling our baby dancing, rolling, and kicking, maybe even other could feel their movement from the outside at this stage too if they were like their siblings who were big, big movers! The grief doesn't get easier, it just changes. I'm so sad I'll never get to know them. Beautiful photo from Ollie's newborn session with @edarcydesign at 3 days old 😍