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We had a reassurance scan at 14 weeks 5 days today. (Thankfully all was ok) ❤ . We have been lucky enough to have had them every 1 - 2 weeks throughout our pregnancy so far (from 6 weeks), and although Mike wasn't allowed into the hospital with me this time, I wanted to say I am extremely grateful. Grateful that we were allowed one last reassurance scan. One last face to face meeting with our recurrent miscarriage consultant. One more check of our meds before embarking on the next stage of our pregnancy with less face to face support. Our consultant said to me today "I am so glad you are on this side of all of this. There are women who have just found out they are pregnant after loss, and will be unable to access reassurance scans due to NHS staff being needed elsewhere in the hospital" . Our NHS staff are working around the clock, but it is inevitable that they will be called to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic. With resources already stretched, they are just unable to continue to offer reassurance scans for the foreseeable future. Although this is a completely understandable and necessary step for the NHS to take, the thought that women and their partners are facing the complete unknown in the early stages of their pregnancy is heartbreaking. I struggled to go longer than a week without a recurrent miscarriage scan, and I found they massively helped me manage my anxiety, and allowed me to breathe easy for a little while. There's no easy way around this, but there is help out there if you find yourself in this position. Some amazing resources include: @tommys @miscarriageassociation @peanut Speak to their midwives via email or phone call. Search for their Facebook support groups. Call your EPAU if you have ANY concerns. You can get through this. It will be hard being in the dark, but you can do it. Sending you all a pocket hug ❤ . #earlypregnancy #pregnancyafterloss #pregnancyaftermiscarriage #miscarriageawareness #earlypregnancysupport #epau