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It’s little moments like this that remind me what we’ve gone through as a family & why I’m trying to achieve with insta. • • • • For those that don’t know our story here it is. Before we were mummy & daddy to our 3 amazing little bumpkins, we were mummy & daddy to another little soul who unfortunately we didn’t get to take home. I’m not good at being pregnant! I have suffered with Hyperemesis gravidarum which sucks big time!!! I’ve had it with all of my pregnancies so have spent A LOT of time at my local Early Pregnancy Unit getting extra fluids, scans & support from the amazing staff there. • • • • I’ve always wanted to give back to the EPU team & never quite knew how to do it & knowing that I wanted 3 little ones, it never quite felt right knowing that I’d be back to get stuck into helping them out. Now I’ve miraculously got my 3 lovely amazing crazy little bumpkins, the time was right! Luckily I knew the Matron of the EPU before I was pregnant & she contacted me & the timing felt right! • • • We all know that the #nhs is massively strapped for cash & there are cutbacks happening everywhere, especially the non medical support that can be offered so I wanted to help. • • • • With this in mind, I approached my local trusts fundraising team & it looks as tho we are getting a go ahead to do a fundraising campaign specifically for the EPU unit which will go directly to the unit which means that they can provide the right environment to support mums, grieving parents & remember those babies that are not old enough to be looked after by the maternity unit (which is up to 20w for near me). • • • • So there you have it! This is why I’m doing insta, why I’m promoting the fundraising & hard work that this amazing team do. So please, if you’ve had any experience of HG, misscarriage, or difficulties through your early pregnancy follow me to keep you updated & to support this amazing team & support other mums who have gone through similar. This is so more common than we realise & it’s not until we talk about it that we can support each other. Remembering the babies that didn’t come home but always in our hearts. 🥰