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Is there ever a better excuse than being preggo to eat your way through a pile of pancakes? Now I've got your attention, I wanted to bring up a little trouble I've been having this last trimester: round ligament pain. What is that? Most women refer to it as cramping, or deep stretching painful sensation in the muscles surrounding your uterus during pregnancy. Though it's more common in the second and third trimester, I can tell you from experience it happens in the first! Round ligament pain happens as the said ligaments stretch and make way for your growing uterus. There are two round ligaments (amongst many others keeping everything in place) on each side of the uterus. What can you do when it crops up? The best remedy is a little rest. This is your body telling you to take it a little easy as your body adapts to pregnancy. Luckily it doesn't happen all the time and usually comes and goes pretty quickly but listen to your body! Heat packs are also great for relieving pain. Try and get a little prenatal yoga in to help ease the pulling sensations by stretching out the hips and back area. It shouldn't last long and if it does get in touch with your medical provider to rule out any other possible preggo symptom. Did you ever have this? #roundligamentpain #earlypregnancy #secondtrimester #pregnancy #pregnantlife #momtobe #momtobe2020 #secondpregnancy #momlife #preggo #preggobelly #bumplife