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Typical breakfast for me at the moment: egg fried rice and raspberry vinegar with a slice of vitamin D . First trimester is survival mode and I’ve had to let go of some of my hang ups about nutrition and just go with it. The most important thing is to eat! Eating eggs during pregnancy is super important (read @lilynicholsrdn my pregnancy / fertility nutrition heroine) and honestly I’ve never been much of an egg person... I’ve only eaten eggs for about the last 4 years and I really don’t like egg whites so I pretty much only eat scrambled eggs, preferably with lots of onions and vegetables mixed in to mask the flavor 😅 but currently onions make me want to vomit and most vegetables are less than appealing. The drier and blander the food, the better... what’s up with that in early pregnancy? So recently I’ve been getting my eggs in with some organic rice in the morning... once I’ve eaten my first meal of the day it’s easier for me to eat vegetables and other more nutrient dense foods. . Also vinegar 🤤 apple cider vinegar helped me so much when the nausea was really bad. I’d mix a little with ice cold water, preferably sparkling if I’ve got it. My mom just got raspberry vinegar and I’m loving it. Drinking vinegar helps with digestion. Am I the only one who thinks drinking vinegar is delicious 😅 and also extremely refreshing. . Getting that vitamin D and exposing our eyes to sunlight or full spectrum light first thing in the morning is one of the best, easy and free things we can do for our health by managing cortisol levels. Eat breakfast outside whenever possible ☀️ . #pregnancy #pregnancyjourney #ecomama #earlypregnancy #firsttrimester #morningsickness #hormonalharmony #eatigforfertility #eatingforpregnancy #nutrition