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🤰💆The Belly Pillow® is a must have for #chiropractors, #physiotherapists, and #massagetherapists who treat pregnant women. . ❔ Do you want to be able to offer ALL your clients the most effective, safest and comfortable treatment EVERY time they visit you? . ✔️With the Belly Pillow® they can be. Used by chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and massage therapists to efficiently examine and confidently treat pregnant women throughout their entire pregnancy. The Early Pregnancy Belly Pillow® is the perfect depth for alleviating the discomfort of lying on a hardening abdomen whilst the Late Pregnancy Belly Pillow® is uniquely designed to adequately support the burgeoning belly. . ✔️No need to precariously balance your pregnant patients on a mound of pillows in order to gain access to their back. The Belly Pillow® is a fantastic investment for your practice. This compact maternity pillow is the most convenient and affordable way to safely and effectively examine and treat a pregnant woman all the way through her pregnancy. . ✔️The standard Belly Pillow® is made from durable medium density foam and is covered with both an inner sleeve and washable outer cover of 100% breathable cotton. The Belly Pillow Pro is also made from durable medium density foam but covered in a non permeable, anti-microbial industrial quality cover. They are both completely safe to use and come in a versatile calico drawstring bag for easy handling and storage. . 🛒 . . . #chiropractic #physiotherapy #massagetherapy #osteopathy #massage #pregnancypillow #bellypillow #healthcarepractioners #earlypregnancy #latepregnancy #practicesupplies