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REPOST: Part Six 🌅 My journey to become a Mum _______ While in Cornwall for our gender scan(and our anniversary) we questioned the idea of moving back down... we had just had a day on the beach in Hayle and I looked across the sea and noticed a rainbow. That's when I knew deep down that Cornwall was the place I wanted to raise Esmae. ________ Our next big step was hitting 20 weeks because if meant we were half way... and we did! That moment was big for me. ________ The next few weeks went by quicker because we had lots to sort out for our move to Cornwall which finally happened on October 16th 2018 at 28 weeks pregnant. ________ October 17th was my 24th Birthday and we spent it in a holiday apartment in Portreath, important to us due to going there previously in our relationship and taking photos on the cliff that we treasured. ________ We had such a perfect day, and decided to walk up to the cliff once again to catch the sunset despite not expecting it to be as nice as last time... but it was, it was so gorgeous along with the sounds of the sea that have always made me feel content. ________ We set up my phone on self timer for a photo to remember it when I looked down to see Steve holding a little box with a ring. It was then, on a Cornish cliff, looking over the ocean, with a sunset behind us, on the first day of officially living in Cornwall, and with Esmae growing away that Steve asked me to marry him. ________ End of Part Six 🌅 _______________________________________ #firsttimemum #mum #mom #mother #parents #earlypregnancy #baby #pregnant #rainbowbaby #recurrentmiscarriage #cornwall #cornishmum #portreath #proposal #sunset #ocean #engagement