13 weeks (+1 day) 🤰 swipe for the "bump" 👉🏻 I swear, I have good bump days and bad bump days 🤷‍♀️ "bad" just meaning you can't really see it. You can kind of see it when I lay down, but I can definitely feel it. 😊 I've noticed a change in my lower-lower belly area (like waist line I guess?) Where it has become more of a slope to the belly instead of my usual kind of flat-ish then straight to muffin top... does that make sense?? Point is I am definitely seeing small, subtle changes in my body's shape even if they're hard to explain or capture on camera 👍🏻 2 days until my next scan and a second opinion on whether or not I should be considered high risk because of my fibroid ✌🏻 To my mommas and mommas-to-be: did your bump start out lopsided? I definitely see and feel more of a bump on my right side but that's also where my fibroid is so I'm not sure just how abnormal this may be 🤷‍♀️