Day 88 - 12.9.19 Monday ... Sick Day 😷 - Cough, hurting ribs and neck. - Congestions with drainage - Sneezing with running nose - Just needing sleep and rest 🤧 That was my day. I slept and had furbaby cuddles. Tried to check emails and check in on student work but my stamina didn't last long. I wish I could take one more day but I do feel better-ish so I shall power on tomorrow. 😑 Unfortunately, Sudafed PE worked best for me last night and today but after reading that it was a Category C option on my pregnancy approved doctor list, I googled more on it... and now I worry it may have an effect on our baby. I took my doses 12 hours apart but realizing it could have slowed oxygen or potentially slowed the heartbeat of our seedling-tot is rather nerve-wracking. I feel like I was quick to meds because I was miserable and now I'm feeling guilty for my selfishness. So, I've gone back to Benadryl (Category B which is deemed safer) for the night since it makes me sleepy but tomorrow might be rough without being able to take anything. I don't know. I need to be better with natural remedies but I'm lazy and picky. Guess I better start gettin' over it to do what is best for my kid. . . . #SickAndPregnant #pregnant #pregnancy #preggers #earlypregnancy #Tired #14WeeksPregnant #iuiSuccess #iui #iuiJourney #infertilitysucks #infertility #babydust #ttcCommunity #ttcSupport #ttc #believe #stayStrong #thinkPositive #pregnancyHealth #pregnancyJourney