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This gal is angry today 😣 I've got a stinking cold, work is frustrating me and today just sucks. But actually I just checked myself because I still have my Crumpet inside and my priority is to keep them safe. I need to chill the fk out and just breathe. There's 2.5hrs left at work for the day, I'm back here tomorrow but that's all good because yay extra money. But then I get a day of rest . . 🤷🏻‍♀️I have exams next week. I haven't been studying since I found out. I've been so distracted. I need to get some study done this weekend. And I also need to get some chill had so I can get over this cold. #5weeks #5weekspregnant #firsttrimester #moodswings #earlypregnancy #pregnancyjourney #pregnancy #pregnancymentalhealth