Sensitive Post. - - - - To be honest this is really hard to share because I have been in the position many times where I have seen “sensitive post” and swipe across to see yet another BFP. - - Of course, we are over the moon, but I am mindful that this can be extremely difficult for a lot of women here. I only share this so that others have that hope. - - Please, if you feel triggered I will not be offended if you unfollow ♥️ I understand. - - I am also full of fear & too scared to get excited at this point. I think I am currently 4.5-5 weeks.. it’s still such early days, I am so grateful for this, but also being realistic that this could all change very fast. As I said before, I completely understand if you need to unfollow ♥️ Sending big love to anyone that needs it today!!! Stay strong ♥️ #bfp