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WARM BUTTERNUT & FETA AUTUMN SALAD. A salad can be hearty and warming; grilled or roasted veggies provide an easy way to warm up a salad, they taste amazing and add a burst of colour, helping you to eat a rainbow. 🧡 Butternut squash and spinach contain beta carotene which supports a healthy luteal phase. After ovulation the collapsed follicle forms the corpus luteum which is responsible for secreting progesterone. Progesterone dominates the second half (luteal phase) of your menstrual cycle and supports pregnancy by maintaining a healthy womb lining. The corpus luteum contains the highest concentration of beta carotene in the body so it makes sense to include plenty of carotene-rich foods, such as squash, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato, dark leafy greens (e.g. kale & spinach), broccoli, cantaloupe, red & orange peppers and apricots in your diet. 🧡 Pairing these foods with healthy fat such as extra virgin olive oil or nuts can aid absorption of beta carotene. Nuts are a great addition to salad because they add texture and bring extra nutrition to the party. Finish with a sprinkling of @violife_foods feta style non-dairy cheese, which if you haven’t tried you must as it is perfection (or use regular feta if your digestion allows!). Do you love and still eat salad in the colder months or are they strictly summer fare for you? Let me know below as I have lots more autumn and winter salad recipes to potentially share with you. ☺️