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Day 66 - 11.17.19 Sunday... Good Day! 💕 [Jess left, Whit right] We are feeling very happy, in love, and enjoying time together these days. Appreciating all the little moments with each other, our furbabies, our family, and our friends, as well as our "nesting" tendencies. Time seems to be flying by so we are holding onto the bits that go in slow motion. . ☺ For example, we both woke up early this morning - enjoyed finishing (catching up on) laundry, watching a new show (The Good Doctor, so awesome!), having a tasty breakfast, soaking in the beautiful sunshine (our house is so pretty in the mornings!), furbabies love, and just chatting together. It was slow motion and time was creeping. . But suddenly it was 1pm! And time began to whizz on by - I took a well-needed nap (woke up with lines on my face - cuz I slept so hard), and then we ran errands. It all went so fast, darn it. But it was enjoyable and quality time. 😏 And now I'm unsure I'll be able to sleep, knowing that tomorrow afternoon is our ObGyn appointment! I hope we get new ultrasound pics and get to hear the heart again. I finished editing our baby announcement photos to post, so our hopes are high that our seedling-tot is healthy as ever inside me. We shall see! All positive vibes! 💓 . . . Can't wait to see you, Can't wait to hear you again, Our precious baby. [JEM] 💜 . . . #IUI #IUIjourney #iuiSuccess #preggers #pregnancy #earlyPregnancy #twoMoms #pregnancyJourney #love #loveislove #rainbowBaby #happy #pregnant #gayparents #believe #lesbianparents #happiness