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So much love to my girl @andreagracewellness for this post! I had to share. ❤️ You guys feeling this one too? Stop with the questions Brad 😂 🙄 . . 🛑Please stop asking women if they are pregnant🛑 If a woman is pregnant, and she wants you to know, she will tell you - I promise. She’ll tell you exactly when she is ready to share that highly personal information with you. You don’t need to ask. - - - Asking a pregnant woman that question in a social setting, forces her to either lie uncomfortably, or to unwillingly share her private news before she’s ready. And that is not cool. Don’t do it. Or maybe that woman had a miscarriage recently or is having fertility issues and you’ve just reminded her of that struggle. - - - Beyond being pregnant, there are other reasons why a woman may not be drinking at an event. Maybe she’s working through a substance addiction that you are not aware of. Maybe she’s trying to commit to a new dietary plan to reach a health goal. Maybe she’s on antibiotics for a UTI and doesn’t want to chat about that with you, Brad. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to drink, because not everyone likes to drink every time they go out, and she shouldn’t have to justify that. - - - SO, if you offer a woman a drink at a party and she declines, kindly move on and don’t ask her why. Instead of persisting, perhaps you could ask her how her day was. And please remember that not every adult woman wants to have kids nor should she feel the pressure to. - - - RANT OVER.