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I’m still in awe.. I can’t believe it.. and honestly I thought I’d be worrying all the time but it feels different this time! // I feel excited, I’ve been feeling nauseous all morning which I LOVE 😂 I didn’t get any nausea last time and my boobs have been tender! Also didn’t get that last time... // I’ve had the familiar warm stretching/ pulling sensations as before and I’ve been knackered! I just can’t believe it’s happened... // I can 100% say having that private scan to make sure all was ok inside, spending time off social media, seeing friends, going out drinking and STOPPING tracking and STOPPING opk’s definitely helped to relax me and my mind and I’m now reeping the benefits from that time of relaxation! // midwife appointment booked for next Friday! And we’re booking an early scan for the week after.... 🌈 👶🏼 Male yourself at home for the long haul little one ♥️ #pregnancyafterloss #rainbowbaby🌈 #yourastickyone #iknowit #pregnancy #5weeks #earlypregnancy #excited