Third pregnancy of the year and I am remaining positive this time. I found out super early, the evening of 8DPO, so I’m going to give it another two days before I head to the doctors for confirmation. It’s a bit of a pain where I live, as I have to get confirmed, then a lot of bloodwork, and fill out a pregnancy packet before they’ll schedule my dating scan. Last time I did this, it was nearly an all day thing. ⁣ ⁣ A typhoon is heading our way so I don’t plan on waiting longer than Tuesday to get the ball rolling. I feel optimistic and am allowing myself to enjoy this pregnancy and bask in excitement. I showed my husband the test and his response was, “Why are you showing me this? I knew you were pregnant yesterday.” 😂 He said I seemed off. I had planned to buy him a birthday card to announce, as babe will be born shortly before his birthday, but I was too excited to wait. ⁣ ⁣ Today’s test is 9DPO. It looks similar to my 9DPO positive during my first pregnancy. It’s fairly faint in the picture but clearly visible and pink in person. Eager to see the line progression! ⁣ ⁣ I’m happy. I’m hopeful. I’m cautiously optimistic. 🌈 ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #ttc #rainbowbaby #iamoneinfour #oneinfour #pregnancyloss #miscarriage #multiplemiscarriages #ttcrainbow #rainbowafterthestorm #pregnancy #positivepregnancytest #earlypregnancy #firsttrimester #faith #missedmiscarriage #hopeful #thirdtimesacharm