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P O S I T I V E T E S T So, you've had a positive pregnancy test (Congratulations! 🎉) but what happens next? The first step is to inform your GP surgery, so you can make an appointment to see the community midwife and begin your antenatal care. It's important that you see a midwife before you're 10 weeks pregnant, so if you think you might be more pregnant than that, you need to see the GP/midwife ASAP so they can refer you for an urgent scan at the hospital. Some GP surgeries like to see you before you see the midwife to confirm your pregnancy (essentially by performing another pregnancy test). The appointment with the midwife is called a booking appointment and usually lasts around an hour. The community midwife will ask lots of questions about you/your partner/previous pregnancies/your general health/etc to help guide a pathway for the rest of your pregnancy and any additional tests/support you may need. She will also give you advice about the pregnancy and talk to you about screening tests you may be offered during the pregnancy. She will also discuss your options about WHERE you can choose to give birth. After this appointment she will then make a referral to the hospital to arrange your scan and 'book your pregnancy'. You will usually be notified through the post about when your scan will take place and what it might involve. You can usually take one person into the scan with you... #TheBirthingBible #whattoexpectwhenyoureexpecting #birth #birthadvice #birthtips #labour #childbirth #pregnant #pregnancy #Impregnant #earlypregnancy #positivepregnancytest #midwife #communitymidwife #bookingappointment