Today we went for a private scan so we could take Autumn with us. This is our 4th scan in total with this being our 3rd private scan! I find early pregnancy pretty scary and I worry over the smallest thing that I'm not familiar with. However as time has gone on I've calmed down a lot more and worry less. I've also now promised Dan I won't keep asking for more scans 😂 it is however really nice to see how our baby has grown and developed from just a small tadpole size to now looking like a real baby. Pregnancy really is an amazing thing to see and experience! 1st picture is baby at 6w5d 2nd picture is today at 17w3d #pregnancy #pregnant #babyscan #earlypregnancy #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #6weekspregnant #17weekspregnant #growingbaby #23weekstogo #privatescan @windowtothewombpeterborough