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TODAY MY POST IS NOT USUAL HAPPY GO LUCKY, FUN POST WITH MY KID... • BEcause I'm not happy neither am I cool about the outlook of people about the important tests during pregnancy in our country..infact I'm ANGRY super ANGRY 😡.. • Yesterday I went to my clinic where I saw a young pretty lady crying..her husband and mother-in- law consoling her. Later, I found out her first child was diagnosed with- DOWN SYNDROME..and her MIL was advicing her "DON'T WORRY it's not end of world, GOD can't be that CRUEL TO should PLAN SECOND😳😳".. That's their personal choice but I wondered is this the time to plan second?? don't you have added responsibilty of your first who needs more attention and care now.. infact at this time ypu should collect all your energies and resources to equip your special child and rehabilitate him so that he can fight his battle.. • Anyways I went to her and asked her - " Did you had your pregnancy marker tests?? Dual /triple or quad marker test? which doctors suggest in first trimester(dual) or second trimester (triple/quad)?? She looked at her MIL.. MIL said "Bus madamji aana tha isse.." Ok, fine I know these tests are not 100%guaranted but have you got yourself tested?.. and she said " NO" because they thought - IT'S A MONEY DIGGING THING and not important🙄.. I WAS SHOCKED WE CAN GO FOR A SONOGRAPHY that too ILLEGALLY JUST TO DETERMINE THE SEX OF OUR CHILD but We can't go for MARKER TEST'S and other Important tests to know the HEALTH STATUS OF OUR CHILD..????.... what an irony😡.. • GUYS these tests are very important to detect any genetic abnormality of the foetus and are 100% safe . Please go for them.. #earlypregnancy #pregnancy #pregnancytest #downsyndrome #pregnant #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #foetus #genetics #preggolife #awareness #society #indianmom #indianmombloggers #science #motherhood #genetictest #pregnancytime #newborn #realitycheck #sonography #sexdetermination #knowyourright #health #lifestyle #childhealth #specialneeds