🌈 7 weeks 🌈 A new month, and a new milestone! . I am continually in awe by the creation of life and all of its intricacies! I swear I learn something new every day! This is most likely the furthest along I have ever made it and that brings feelings of joy and anxiety. Every day I am learning to focus on the positives and to keep my faith and hope strong. It is going to be SO difficult waiting 3 more weeks until my next ultrasound to verify my little rainbow gummy bear is continuing to develop and grow properly 🙏🏻🤞🏻 . As for my symptoms I have yet to experience any nausea, food aversions, or major cravings...yet. Along with the symptoms I listed on my 6 week post I also have: 🌈 Progressively sensitive breasts. When I took my bra off last night I had that familiar sore and deep ache sensation. 🌈 Weight gain. I went from a keto/low carb diet to now incorporating higher healthy carbs (sweet potato, more fruit and veggies, etc) so gaining is to be expected. I'm also more hungry. 🌈 Heart palpitations & heart pumping harder/faster. I know this is due to the extra blood now pumping through my system. It's actually a relief to feel as a reminder that my gummy bear's little heart is beating as well ❤ 🌈 Quick, low grade cramping all over the uterus from time to time 🌈 My lower stomach toward the pubic bone is definitely more puffy and "bouncy." I'm starting to notice the skin stretching and existing stretch marks are showing more. I guess it's time to get some belly butter! 🌈 My skin can't decide to be oily or dry so now it is both, and I have teeny acne bumps all over the place 🌈 My back is stiff and achy for most of the day. I need to stretch every morning again. 🌈 Pregnancy brain is in full force! . It feels super early to me but with the way I am now feeling I may need to start looking for maternity bottoms and bras. I've really wanted to hold off on this for as long as possible in case my worst fears happen again with this pregnancy, but I'm also worried that I will wake up one day and nothing will fit 😳 . . #7weeks #7weekspregnant #7w1d #pregnant #earlypregnancy #rainbowpregnancy #pcospregnancy #pregnancysymptoms